The Leads, Clients, Profits mission is simple

Helping agencies double, triple, and even 10 X their businesses while cutting their work hours in half!

Meet the Foundercharles

Charles Kirkland is the founder of the Leads, Clients, Profits and he is fully committed to empowering agency owners to create successful business through real world education and hands on training. Charles is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how.  Raised in a working class family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another.  Nearly thirty years after computer technology first became accessible to consumers, Charles has harnessed the marketing potential of the Internet…and he is now sharing his formula for success.

It’s Not Where You Came From, Only Where You Are Going

After working in his grandfather’s construction business as a child, Charles managed to purchase his first computer at age 13. Paying no mind to naysayers who told him, “You aren’t smart enough to have a computer at your age” and unable to afford game cartridges (or an Atari like his friends!), he bought a book on programming and created his own games. 

Little did he know then that he had tapped into technology that would shape his life and allow him to help countless others.

Stricken with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his late 20s, Charles was forced to quit his job at an engineering firm.  Married and with a baby on the way, he continued to educate himself on the Internet while selling free-standing metal buildings on commission.  That job, too, fell apart when he out sold even the boss and the company was back-logged with orders for three months.  He worked himself out of a job and his back-end commission went to the company, but he took away a great education in sales and marketing.

It All Starts with A Spark

Charles dove full force into online marketing, taking on all sorts of independent clients.  Creating his own on-the-job training, he sold everything from his own construction blueprints to canoes and managed online marketing for various companies. 

With two children now, Charles was determined to create a better life…and get his family out of their 600-square foot house.  He found a job as a project manager for a state university and then as a drafting teacher for a high school.  With flexibility to continue his online marketing work and passive income from publishing house plans, he knew he had to expand his knowledge of online marketing.

After struggling to acquire enough traffic for one of his websites, Charles took a chance on a media buy and got more traffic and sales to the site in 30 days than it had in the previous 12 months. Sales skyrocketed! Stunned at the results, it was then that Charles discovered the power of media buys.

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Just Enjoy the Climb

After one year, Charles’ media buying knowledge had him back in the game.

It wasn’t until he caught the attention of Keith Wellman and was selected to participate in his Million Dollar March that Charles even fully realized just how good he was at driving traffic.  Virtually overnight, Charles went from being a relatively unknown online marketer from South Carolina to enjoying his stature as an online marketing leader, rubbing shoulders with the best of the best.

“I’ve been broke and successful and broke and successful so many times,” says Charles, “that I just want to help other people to avoid the roller-coaster and just enjoy the climb.”

Why We’re in Business

Here at the  Leads, Clients, Profits  we are in business to serve our members with the newest cutting edge training and to help them get more leads, better clients, higher ROIs while allowing you to work less. As the online world of coaching at an increasing rate, it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes unless that is your sole focus. That is where we come in.