Activecampaign Vs. Ontraport

By Charles | Blog

Mar 01

As some of you know I have been testing Active Campaign because I keep hearing great things about it.

I have nothing but love for both Active Campaign and Ontraport. Both of them flat out ROCK.

A few weeks ago I exported 10K of my most active leads and imported them into Active Campaign, and it worked great.

I planned on spending 2 weeks importing my funnels into Active Campaign.

If I was starting over today I would pick Active Campaign for Marketing Automation, Thrive Cart or ClickFunnels for checkouts, and Active Member 360 for membership to take care of my marketing stack.

So if it's so good, why would I stay with Ontraport?

Because I have over 23 working funnels and 456 sequences with Ontraport.

That would take me 2 solid months to import and rebuild from scratch.

I have low price front-end products with multiple up-sells, evergreen webinars with EverWebinar, mid-ticket funnels that only the buyers see, and high end coaching.

It comes down to already having something that is working in place; sometimes the change is not worth it.

Now, this is where I can help you. Because I’m not going to move to Active Campaign I now have 2 weeks free to help a few people build funnels to convert cold leads into buyers.

If you would like to have me help build your funnel for you just let me know. Reply to this email.


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