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Jul 24

Why FaceBook Ads Are Not Working For You

By Charles | Blog , Podcast

Does it seem like everybody is running around selling you on the concept of FB ads being a goldmine, yet you have been struggling to get FaceBook ads to work?

Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I’ll explain what’s happening with your FaceBook ads and how to fix the problem.

Dec 15

How to follow-up with coaching prospects

By Charles | Blog , Podcast

Hey this is Charles. Hope you’re doing good today. I‘ve got a quick question for all the coaches and consultants out there. How is your follow-up process? Now I know a lot of people, “Well Charles, we have a great follow-up process. We, well, um, you know, when I think about it, or when I’m going to another meeting or in between changing little Johnny’s diaper on the third Thursday when my wife’s at the spa.” No, no, no, no. Look I’m telling you, you would be freaking out if you knew how much money there was in the follow-up.

Unfortunately a lot of business coaches, a lot of coaches, consultants in general, think, “Well, you know, they didn’t want me. They didn’t want to work with me. If they wanted to work with me they would call me back. And I don’t want to be a pest. I don’t want to hound them.”

Look I’m just going to tell you this. Most people can’t remember what they wore yesterday. They probably talked to more than one coach or consultant, and at the end of the day, it comes down to – you need to have a proactive follow-up system in place. And that does not mean when you have time, when you can think about it, or if there’s nothing else on the schedule. Even if your schedule’s full, you need to have a proactive follow-up system using automation.

And I’ve talked about this before. When you get a lead, put them into AWeber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, ONTRAPORT, or OfficeAutopilot – whatever system you use. And eye contact doesn’t make a difference. But you need some way to follow-up with these clients, with these

prospects automatically, and take you out of the equation. Because I guess, as humans, we are somewhat unpredictable. And because we’re unpredictable, that means our follow-up systems are equally unpredictable. And this is the key.

You want to make sure that when the prospect had communicated with you, “Hey! I’m at least interested in your service.” Even if you’ve talked to them and they haven’t pulled the trigger, they haven’t signed a contract, they haven’t said no, as of yet – follow-up with them. And we’ve talked about this before. Follow-up with them with an email, follow-up designed to showcase your expertise, showcase your talents. It’s one of those things where it seems simple. It is simple, but doing it – a lot of coaches just don’t do it. They don’t take the time.

You could have something like this going in less than 20 minutes, max. I’m just telling you, write your emails in a word document – write a few of these. Get them together. Put them in your auto-responder follow-up system. And when you’ve got a lead, just move them – depending on what system you’re using – subscribe them automatically to this follow-up system. That’s going to be the biggest key. Because the reality of it is, if it takes, in general advertising, let’s just say it takes seven impressions before we remember something, or willing to take action on it. How do you expect your client to do something the first time?

They gave you a call out of the blue. It’s a referral, follow-up with them. It’s good business practices and you’re not hounding them, because “A,” they came to you first. It’s wasn’t like you cold-called them on the phone while they’re eating Thanksgiving turkey and go, “Hey Bob, you need some coaching services? Would you like to increase your business profits?” Dial tone.

No, they came to you. They’re looking for somebody to help them. And a lot of people need help because they’re procrastinating, And if you’re not following up with them, maybe they think, “Well

gee, you can’t help me, because you’re a procrastinator.” Which I know you’re not. You wouldn’t be listening to the podcast if you were.  So with that said, create some emails, four or five emails, quick, down dirty emails. Create them in a word document. Get them into your auto-responder system.

Start subscribing leads to that. And you’ll be amazed at the end of these emails just say, “Hey give me a call let’s touch bases.” You would absolutely be amazed. And you don’t have to have these hard-core sales pitches like, “Buy now or your house is going to get hit by an infestation of nuclear fleas that are impossible to die. And then a wave of cockroaches are going to take over your…” You don’t have to have hard sales like that. “Hey Bob. I just wanted to touch bases, see where you’re at, see if there’s anything I can do for you.” Quick, down, dirty, gets the job done.

Anyway this is Charles. Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you pop over to Check out the case study we’ve got there. Anyway this is Charles, talk to you later.

Dec 15

Do I need to buy a coaching franchise

By Charles | Blog , Podcast

Okay today’s going to be one of those podcasts where I’m going to get lovers or haters – most likely probably more haters than lovers, who knows? Were going to be talking about, do I need to buy a coaching franchise. And I’m going to tell you, that is – there is no right or wrong answer. Because I know people who are on both sides of this fence, who like, “You absolutely need a franchise or you’re going to die like a dinosaur.” And people going, “Hey if you buy into a franchise you’re wasting your money, because it’s a franchise, and it’s going to like” – whatever the case may be.

Truth of the matter is, you can’t let somebody else determine if it’s right for you or not. Cha-ching. All right? Okay. This is what we need to talk about. This is the big deal here. A coaching franchise can be right for the right individual. Quite often these franchises will come in with marketing material all ready. And if you’re coming in, you’re going, “You know Charles I’ve never done any coaching before, ever, ever, ever. This is a business, and whatever the case may be, we’re going to go with it.”

A franchise does have its advantage, because they typically have their marketing material predefined. They typically already have, I mean, this isn’t like a McDonalds. I’m just going to tell you. This isn’t like, “Oh I forgot. Such and such has a billion clients served.” That’s typically not going to be the deal. Typically they’re going to have your marketing stuff for your systems, in place. And that’s really what a franchise is. You’re buying somebody else’s system. You’re buying an – I’m going to hope it’s a repeatable system – but you’re buying into a system.

Typically everything’s done, and you need to be the kind of person who says, “I don’t want to have to figure it out myself. I just want to get in, strap in, crank up the keys, and start driving.” That has a huge advantage, because most people don’t have systems period. The thing that you

have to understand is also, that system’s also your constraint. So if you want to change maybe the marketing message, a lot of franchises won’t let you do it. Of it they do it, they want you to let them pre-approve it and make sure it meets their standards.

And I’m just going to tell you this, as it is, very few franchises are really good at marketing other than marketing their franchise, for the most part. There are some in there, I’m not saying that all of them aren’t, but if you’re doing direct response-style marketing, that’s a big turn off for a lot of franchise owners. Now, let’s just say that you have no clue. You just want to get in the system and go, “Yeah, check out our franchise.” It can’t hurt. Also understand that a big part of this is, like I said, you’re buying that system. The better the system, the more expensive it’s going to be. And also, will you be able to follow that system?

And the main thing is you want to talk to coaches who are in that system, who have been successful. And one thing that’s going to make the franchise owners right now probably fall over and die like a cockroach, is you want to talk to people who have bought into the franchise and failed. You want to talk to the people who bought into the franchise, and have not made any money. I really want to talk to people who’ve bought in, and then just given up. It’s gone out of business. They can’t go further. Those are very important. That’s going to give you a lot of information. Because they’re going to tell you things you can’t get otherwise.

So the next question is, who is not right for a franchise? I’ll tell you, I am not right for a franchise in any way, shape, or form. Because one reason I have carpal tunnel. Because of that, I look at things from a systems standpoint. The only way to grow a real business, predictable, and get it to the point where you can sell it is to have systems. Nobody wants to buy your head knowledge. I know as probably unappealing as that sounds, head knowledge is really not sellable unless it’s put into some type of system – written form.

And because of that, if you’re the type of person who goes, “You know what? I’m going to create a system as I go.” Or I’m going to go ahead and that will be the kind of person who doesn’t really need a franchise. They’re going to come in and go, “You know what? I don’t need a franchise. I have studied direct marketing. I understand marketing. I understand sales. I understand consulting. I understand closing. I understand product delivery. I don’t really need a system.” And you’re going to do your own thing anyway. I mean and that’s kind of the big thing you need to look at.

If you’re that kind of person, if you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the background and you’ve already been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and wore the t-shirt out, you probably don’t need a franchise. But the key here is, you have to decide that. If you’re the kind of person, that you’ve already, you’ve maybe, been an executive. You’ve already been a VP. You’ve already been in sales. You’ve already been in closing and you understand that marketing is one aspect – which is marketing, prospecting, closing, product delivery, consulting – some type of deliverables, bookkeeping, accounting. If you understand that, hey a franchise probably isn’t going to help you that much. If anything it may restrict you. So definitely keep that in mind. So before you jump out and go, “Which franchise is right for me?” Ask which type of person are you, because that willdetermine your end result.

Anyway hope you enjoyed it. This is Charles Kirkland. Make sure you head over to Check out our case study and see what the two percent of successful coaches do.

Dec 10

How do I get coaching clients from webinars [04:50]

By Charles | Blog , Podcast

One of the questions I get is how to get coaching clients from the Internet? We envision that we can meet somebody face to face. We shake their hands. We hear their problem. We talk about our services. We sign a contract. We’ve got a new coaching client. Okay. How do we apply that same concept online? The easiest way to apply that same concept is an educational based webinar.

With that said, for those of you who aren’t really familiar with webinars, just imagine sitting down and watching a presentation of a set length, where you have a follow up sequence to go through and say, “These are you problems. Do you fit the criteria? If so, this is how we can help you. Sign up for our service.”

Now the truth of the matter is, it can be intimidating to do a webinar. I’m not even going to lie about it. I’ve done well over a thousand webinars at this point. After you’ve done so many of them you’re almost like, “Okay, it’s just another webinar – boom, boom, boom.” The reality of it is, your first few webinars are going to be extremely difficult to do if you’ve never done one before. Or if you’re not comfortable speaking – especially into a blank screen, knowing that they can’t see you. You can’t see them. You can’t judge an interaction. All you’re having to go by is your slides.

But with that said, here’s the easiest way to do a webinar. Just imagine having – and I know this is probably not going to be the sexiest thing – imagine having a prospect sitting in front of you. Put on your headset, or put on a recorder. Maybe just take your iPhone, click the good old-fashioned record button, recording audio. And give your presentation like you would normally give to a client in person. Talk about – hey this is whom you are. These are your credentials. You want to talk more about their problems and how you can solve their problems. And you never talk about yourself. And give a close, which you’re going to talk about, “This is what you want to do if you want to solve your problem.  Fill out this application. Go to this website. Blah, blah, blah.”

Make a quick short little –do an audio first. Listen to it. And this is weird.  Send it off to Fiverr and get it transcribed. Once you’ve got it transcribed, come back and use that to put together your PowerPoint. I mean, when you talk about you have images – if you can talk about your certification. Have images of your certification.

Mainly you want to talk about their product, because they’re not really interested in you. Not really interested in your certification. They want to hear about how you can solve their problems. Spend the majority of that on how you can solve their problem. Then go into your close, which is basically who you are, remember? How you can solve their problem, the results you can achieve for them and give them a direct call to action, “Go to website xyz/apply. Fill out that information and we’ll get back with you to set up a call.”

Now the next thing you need to look at is, are you going to do these from an automated webinar standpoint, or are you going to do them live every time? We have done tons of live webinars and I’ll tell you, Murphy’s Law will kick in. Something will always go wrong: audio, video, whatever the case may be. The best thing to do is to pre-record this webinar and use an automated replay system, like Evergreen webinar. Use Stealth, which I think is actually better than Evergreen – Stealth webinars. Use that to set the webinar to replay maybe every hour. You even have prospects – and they can come here immediately, and start watching a webinar today, you’ve done years ago.

Fundamentals of solving the customer’s – in this case – in this case, the client’s problem will not change. So because of that, get out there. Create a webinar and get it on your website. Get it on your blog. And start sending your traffic to that. Because you’ll be amazed at how well a webinar will convert people who don’t know you from Adam’s housecat, into raving fans and paying clients.

So definitely keep that in mind. Anyway this is Charles Kirkland. Hope you enjoyed it. And as always, give me feedback. Did you love the podcast? Hate the podcast? Either way, give me five stars. At least I would hope you’d give me five stars. And pop over to the website and check out some of the content.  And check out the case study. This is Charles. Talk to you later.